BioTrEM Beauty pendant


BioTrEM Beauty Pendant

Biophysical adjustment of skin cell and tissue functions.


BioTrEM Beauty Pendant

Biophysical adjustment of skin cell and tissue functions.

The information contained in the Beauty pendant corresponds to the spectrum of electromagnetic oscillations of skin cells and tissues and immunomodulatory antioxidant effects.

The action of the Beauty pendant is aimed at restoring the normal course of physiological processes in skin cells and tissues, increasing their resistance to adverse environmental factors.

This device can have a positive effect on the skin of the face and body and can be used as a means of optimization and correction in combination with other methods.


Helps restore altered intracellular metabolic processes in the skin
Stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin, supports skin tone
Interferes with the weakening of skin tissues
Improves microcirculation and improves skin elasticity.
Smooths and strengthens skin tissue.
Slows down age changes, rejuvenates the skin
Improves complexion
Helps strengthen hair and nails.

The BioTrEM pendants are EHF EMR transistor generators (international patent № EE 05541) placed in a non-metallic, waterproof case. Each transistor generator is based on a silicon-germanium semiconductor (crystal), which emits a precise spectral electromagnetic frequency pattern.

When any amount of energy, including heat, comes into contact with the surface of the crystal, the generator starts to produce ultra-weak signals called a spectral «pattern». The radiation of BioTrEM patterns interacts with the body's cellular and intracellular informational structures to stimulate, correct and protect the body's tissues and organs.

Each BioTrEM device is carefully tested for signal accuracy and quality in production.



Option 1. Using them with water to store informational properties.

Take a glass of drinking water (preferably pure mineral water) and touch the glass with the BioTrEM pendant for one minute.

Take several sips of the water immediately after the water has been processed.

You may repeat this procedure up to four times a day. Drinking water that has been charged with the positive energy of the BioTrEM pendant helps restore the normal functions of the body systems.


Option 2. Wearing the BioTrEM pendant.

It is recommended to wear the BioTrEM pendant around the neck or on the arm, starting with two hours a day and gradually increasing this time over a period of 3 weeks. Take a break of one day after every six days of wearing the pendant.

It is not recommended to wear several BioTrEM pendants simultaneously.


Option 3. Stimulating the area around hydrophilic zones

Place the BioTrEM pendant on one of the zones, depending on the location of the pain. The minimum period of stimulation is 60 minutes per day.

Hydrophilic zones include: 

  •    The zone of the suboccipital pit
  •    The zone of the middle of the breastbone
  •    The zone of the bend of the arm
  •    The zone of the wrist
  •    The zone of the popliteal fold (back of the knee).

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BioTrEM Beauty pendant


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