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Odyssey app


Odyssey frequency healing app


Odyssey frequency healing app

Available in English for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

A very easy, and efficient way to focus on the importance of self discovery and creating a better you!

Based on an analysis of your voice, receive targeted harmonizing frequencies


- Very easy to use, intuitive and modern

- Offers 130 harmonizing frequency protocols

- Uses Genius Insight frequency technology

Try it free for 5 days

Download Odyssey now and try it out free for 5 days - available for Android and Apple iOS devices



A bioresonance application for everyone, simple and effective.

Odyssey allows you to perform a quick energy analysis using your voice and, depending on the results, to carry out targeted biofield rebalancing by choosing from 130 well-being and health protocols on 20 different panels. Quickly regain your physical, mental, hormonal and spiritual harmony and well-being. 




Analyse vocale

Analyze your voice imprint


Using patented voice analysis algorithms, Odyssey helps identify weaknesses and disorders in your energy field.

Ecran de résultats

Check out recommended rebalancing

Based on voice analysis, Odyssey automatically selects the correction protocols that suit you best, and displays them clearly and simply.


Run the harmonizing frequency programs

Just launch the harmonization protocols recommended on each panel, and let the healing frequencies run to regain a better energetic balance.

Depending on what your voice scan discovers, balance from the list below. 

  • Organ Stimulation

  • Balance Nutrition

  • Inner Terrain Cleanse

  • Detox

  • Mindfulness

  • Immune Stimulation

  • Digestive Disturbances

  • Love My Hormones (upper)

  • Love My Hormones (middle)

  • Love My Hormones (lower)

  • Wellbeing

  • Mold & Fungus

  • Brain Pain

  • Higher Consciousness 

  • Full Moon

  • Delta Deep Sleep

  • Upliftment

  • Head Cold

  • Chest Cold

  • Brain Stimulation


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Odyssey app


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