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NEW - protection that fits in your hand!


Ultra-portable anti-electrosmog and anti-geosmog device
Protection against harmful waves

TST-Geo mini

Ultra-portable anti-electrosmog and anti-geosmog device
Harmonize geopathy and electrosmog

The TST-GEO Mini innovative torsion wave technology developed by scientists in Hungary.
After years of research and development, the circuitry has been reduced to such an extent that the TST-GEO Mini fits comfortably in the palm of your hand or in any pocket.

This makes it the perfect companion for all your travels, but the Mini will serve you as well on your night table or in your office, because even at small size, the TST-GEO Mini generates enough power to protect you effectively against high frequency radiation.

Above all, its size allows you to always have it on you!

This technology requires very little power, which is why the TST-GEO Mini is always on, saving space for a switch. Its green light will allow you to check its correct operation, and when the light goes out (after about 12 months), the battery is very easy to change.

Product Dimensions: 65mm x 30mm x 13mm

If you want to protect yourself, if only as a measure of caution, from electromagnetic, cellular, wireless or geopathic radiation, a TST-GEO can change your life.

There are few known ways to eliminate the adverse health effects of terrestrial geopathic radiation. The main way would be the mental strength of a specialist - but now the TST-GEO offers a new, more efficient solution.

If you suffer from the effects of terrestrial geopathic radiation, simply place the TST-GEO under your bed to sleep better. It will also help you prevent diseases arising from Hartman's cracks or other forms of geopathic radiation. In addition, the TST-GEO manages to neutralize almost completely the effects of electrosmog (cell phones, relay antennas, wifi).

Your body can accept electromagnetic radiation as long as it is connected to information appropriate for your body. This is how the TST-GEO operates this connection between electrosmog and information, allowing the body to escape the harmful effects. Other devices on the market are simply trying to reduce or eliminate the high frequencies of electrosmog to limit the damage on the body, but that is not enough.

The TST-GEO generates a four-pole electromagnetism that, after appropriate harmonization, stimulates the four-pole spectra of the geopathic effects and unites them with the cosmic cycle.

The TST-GEO device can be used against all forms of geopathic areas or radiation zones of the Earth, as well as against most of the harmful effects caused by electrosmog sources that create geopathic areas.

How to use the TST-GEO Mini

The device always stays on. Place it next to you or in your pocket, wherever you are, in order to benefit from its harmonic effect against artificial waves. Its range of action is sufficient for a large room or office. However, since he will always be near you, you will not have to worry about the range of action.

Take it with you everywhere, keep it close to you when you go to a place particularly subject to artificial waves, such as an airport, computer center, office, etc.

The range of the device is about 30 m2 inside, 100m2 outside. The LED on the front of the unit indicates its operation. The battery life is approximately 12 months.


Product Dimensions: 65mm x 30mm x 13mm

Works with a supplied CR 2032 battery.

Battery life: about 12 months

Download the manual

The science behind the TST-GEO

The TST-GEO transforms ordinary electromagnetism into a higher form of electromagnetism, or torsion fields, that binds our organisms to the Earth and from which they derive their primal life-force. We are all creatures of Earth and as such, depend on the Earth’s energy in all its forms, whether it comes from the earth itself, the atmosphere, the various combination of elements that surround us or even from the rotation of the Earth itself. Take for example Schumann waves, which are the Earth's own electromagnetic resonance. When the first astronauts left the natural environment of the Earth, they suffered severe damage to their health, even during a relatively short period in space. It was later discovered that for most of these astronauts, the cause of their health problems was simply the absence of Schumann waves. As a result, every spacecraft today incorporates structures that artificially replace these waves, so that the body does not suffer from a geospheric deficit.

A great deal of research has been made into torsion fields, in particular by the Russian scientist Dr Kozyrev. Together with other leading scientists such as Einstein and Dr Eli Cartan in the 1930s, he demonstrated that torsion waves emanate from all matter and all atoms are in fact torsion wave generators.

The spiraling electromagnetic phi-waves of the implosion physics discovered by Daniel Winter, rotating in opposite directions and spiraling towards the nucleus of the atom, nullify the components of the electromagnetic waves, resulting in a torsion wave. Some scientists believe that torsion waves are the missing link in the search for Einstein's unification theory. It appears that electromagnetism, gravity and torsion waves all belong to the same family; they are all part of ether vibrations.

The most amazing fact that could indicate that the unification theory is not that far away anymore is that Kozyrev discovered that human thoughts and feelings also generated torsion waves. He measured torsion waves as a direct result of sudden changes in emotional status. He, in fact, proved that consciousness relates to ether vibrations.

The TST-GEO is based on the discovery that the vast majority of geospheric effects are rooted in an unusual four-pole electromagnetic system, recreated by the makers of the TST-GEO, Torsion Semiconductor Technic. These effects are just as important to healthy biological life as Schumann waves are to astronauts.

The TST-GEO’s four-pole electromagnetic generator emits torsion waves to recreate and rebalance the electromagnetic environment, restoring an ideal geospheric environment in which life processes can evolve at their optimal level. Simply put, it takes all the electrosmog or geopathic smog and makes it acceptable to our bodies, so that our health is not adversely affected. Indeed, by restoring the natural geospheric environment, our health can actually be stronger, our body systems can perform better and healing can be accelerated.

It is interesting to note that torsion fields, are actually generated by the body itself during a number of physiological processes throughout the day. This higher form of electromagnetism is essential to chemical transformations in the mitochondria, synapses, protein synthesis, digestion, and so on. As we grow older, the connection of our bodies to our natural geospheric environment becomes distorted, weaker. TST technology helps our body systems recover their former order enables the body to evolve towards the highest level of efficiency it can attain in its current condition.

Just as astronauts do not eject contaminated water into space but purify it and re-use it in a natural cycle, the TST-GEO helps us correct distorted electromagnetism and restore its original, natural and beneficial properties that are essential to life.

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TST-Geo mini

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    Je n'ai pas encore assez de recul pour juger de l'efficacité du produit.

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    Le produit lui même et son efficacité sont très difficiles à évaluer, je fais confiance et en parle autour de moi, plutôt à des scientifiques pour comprendre le processus et pour savoir si j'ai réellement fait un bon achat

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    Je ne ressens pas encore de véritable bienfait mais peut-être qu'il y a un temps d'adaptation !!!!

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    It is a very subtle feeling of change, but I sleep better and I keep in on me at all times - I never forget it! Which I usually do with things which do not have an impact on me!I really like it."

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    je suis tres contente

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