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NES infoceuticals

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Energetic drivers
Infoceutical type: ED1 Infoceutical Energetic Driver 1 - Source Driver.
  • ED1 Infoceutical Energetic Driver 1 - Source Driver.
  • ED2 Infoceutical Energetic Driver 2 - Heart Imprinter Driver.
  • ED3 Infoceutical Energetic Driver 3 - Cell Driver.
  • ED4 Infoceutical Energetic Driver 4 - Nerve Driver
  • ED5 Infoceutical Energetic Driver 5 - Circulation Driver.
  • ED6 Infoceutical Energetic Driver 6 - Heart Driver.
  • ED7 Infoceutical Energetic Driver 7 - Lung Driver.
  • ED8 Infoceutical Energetic Driver 8 - Stomach Driver.
  • ED9 Infoceutical Energetic Driver 9 - Muscle Driver.
  • ED10 Infoceutical Energetic Driver 10 - Skin Driver.
  • ED11 Infoceutical Energetic Driver 11 - Liver Driver.
  • ED12 Infoceutical Energetic Driver 12 - Kidney Driver.
  • ED13 Infoceutical Energetic Driver 13 - Immunity Driver.
  • ED14 Infoceutical Energetic Driver 14 - Spleen Driver.
  • ED15 Infoceutical Energetic Driver 15 - Pancreas Driver.
  • ED16 Infoceutical Energetic Driver 16 - Bone Driver.

NES infoceuticals - 

Energetic drivers

Note: Infoceuticals are only to be used as part of a recommended NES Health therapy plan. In case of doubt, please consult your NES practitioner.

Please note infoceuticals on this site can only be delivered to Europe.

NES Infoceuticals are a key component of the Total WellNES System, and are used to re-imprint the body-field back to its original blueprint, enhancing the strength of the body-field and regulating the flow of information. NES Infoceuticals help to remove distortions and blockages within the information structures and energy patterns of the body-field.

What are Infoceuticals?

NES Infoceuticals are liquid energetic remedies that have been ‘imprinted’ with bio-information to directly correct distortions in your body-field. NES Infoceuticals contain filtered water, plant-derived microminerals and 5% alcohol for preservation.

They interact directly with the human body-field to address blockages correlated to physical, emotional, environmental and chemical toxins. Working with these blockages restores the body’s balance and enhances its inherent healing qualities. Infoceuticals are safe, effective and easy to use.

Your customised NES Programme

Following your NES ProVision scan, and after clearing any blockages in the energetic pathways of your body-field with the NES miHealth, your practitioner will advise you of your personalised Infoceutical protocol and you will be given the Infoceuticals that can best correct issues with your body-field and support your overall well-being.

Taking the Infoceuticals

Your NES Practitioner provides you with a printed programme detailing the Infoceuticals and how to take them: in which order, how often, and how many drops of each. You take the Infoceuticals by dispensing the required number into a glass of water. You can use them with other kinds of drinks and with foods or nutritional supplements, and while using other health programmes or products.

Special shipping costs apply to all infoceutical products due to the requirment for specific protective packing to protect the bottles in transit and ensure you receive them intact. Infoceutical orders are therefore shipped separately from any other products you may order and, unless the other products qualify for free shipping, you will also be charged for shipping those products.

Infoceutical shipping costs are 10.80 euros for France, and 20.40 euros to other destinations in Europe.

Energetic drivers

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