Bioenergetic jewellery NANO version - LOVE Key

Bioenergetic jewellery NANO version - LOVE Key


Symbol of Unity and reconnection, antistress


Harmonising, bioenenergetic symbol jewellery

Unity Key - Symbol of Unity and reconnection, antistress

This hand-crafted pendant is not only a beautiful piece of jewellery in itself, it is also a powerful tool for quantum bioresonance therapy, representing the harmonising, bioenenergetic symbol of Unity.

The symbol of the pendant carries Universal Source energy, sacred geometry wave forms that help reconnect us to our sense of being and presence on and as part of Earth.

The Unity Key removes fears, doubt and anxieties to help restore a state of confidence and inner peace. The Unity symbol has great balancing and de-stressing powers.

The pendant is also a tool for self-development, active and 'smart' - it adapts to the wearer gently, respecting who you are so you can regain a proper state of harmony. It should be worn around the neck inside your aura, and is driven by your thoughts and your heart.

The symbol's bio-energetic resonance re-informs your body gradually for as long as it takes for you to completely accept and integrate it, repairing your informational bodyfield.

A beautiful symbol and a truly therapeutical tool

This piece of harmonising jewellery is a tool to heal your soul, cleansing you of fears and doubt, which gradually give way to confidence, inner peace and a sense of unity with yourself. It helps remove stress, stimulates and energizes.

  • It ANCHORS you to the heart of the Earth

  • It HARMONIZES our physical and spiritual body at all levels, and throughout all dimensions.

  • It BALANCES the elements in us:
    • Fire, Earth, Water, Air and the Ether

    • Doubts
    • Fears
    • Anxieties

  • Helps STABILIZE our sense of being, eliminating stress.

The pendant will act according to your needs until proper balance and harmony are restored.

This is a great tool for cleansing oneself and resetting your self-awareness.

The pendant is encoded energetically by its creator.

WEIGHT 0.120 kg
SIZE 60 x 60 x 1 mm

Silver-plated metal with rhodium surface treatment.
Rhodium coating makes the surface of the jewellery hypoallergenic and unalterable.


Very lightweight,
Comes complete with a 75cm brown cotton cordon and a wisdom pearl.


Clean with liquid soap and water, with the intention to clean and purify it. Dry with a soft cloth.

Registered brand and design, encoded by Marie-Claude PALAU

Made in France.


This key is part of a series of eight harmonising keys each key has specific attributes and fucntions and you should the key or keys that you feel most drawn towards. We therefore recommend that you first check our explanatory page on these keys, as well as study the properties of each key before making your choice.

You can find details on each key below:




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