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TriomedEHF infrared therapy device 

Price €775.00


Protection against harmful artificial radiation and mental stimulation 2nd generation device

Price €433.33

Pulse oxymeter

Pulse oxymeter Painless laser measurement of the the oxygen level in your blood, as well as your pulse

Price €49.17

Bouteille Water-to-Go 50cl

Water-to-Go filtration system bottle with reactive nano-pore filter 50cl bottle with filter wear indicator Color blue

Price €16.63


BEAT LIGHT RENT with IONISATION Device for red light and infrared  light (IR) therapy with ionising function

Price €1,162.50


Device for UHF resonance wave therapy

Price €415.83

BioTrEM Breath pendant

BioTrEM BREATH pendant Helps in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, helps activate the regenerative processes afteran illness, and is also for the maintenance treatment of chronic diseases of the respiratory system.

Price €70.83

BioTrEM Vita pendant

BioTrEM Vita pendant For fine biophysical regulation of the digestive system to enhance regenerative processes after diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Price €70.83

Genius Insight app

Genius Insight app Quantum analysis and therapy for smartphones and tablets

Price €958.33