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Triomed Compact

Portable MMW-IR-therapy device

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Triomed Compact

Portable MMW-IR-therapy device

The TRIOMED COMPACT is a portable millimeter-wave, IR therapy device, which uses the BioTrEM technology to help improve health and prevent diseases, as well as provide a tool for use in clinical practice.

The unit is compact (easily fits in the palm) and is suitable for use outside the home, in the field, on the road or whilst traveling, since the MMW emitters and IR emitter are built directly into the body of the device. Convenient holes on the sides of the product allow you to add a strap.
The Triomed Compact also offers a modern design, an ergonomic, streamlined body, a recessed command button, LED and a soft, rhythmic buzzer.
Easy to use, the Triomed Compact has eight basic modes, which may be combined if required. Each mode is pre-programmed with treament parameters, including EHF signal, alternating low frequency modulation and duration.

The device’s eight modes comprise one for off-body treatment (Harmony) and seven other for on-body. Applications of the Triomed Compact include:

• diseases of the peripheral nervous system;
• disease autonomic nervous system;
• substance abuse;
• diseases of upper respiratory tract;
• diseases of the cardiovascular system;
• diseases of lungs and pleura;
• disease of the gastrointestinal tract;
• diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue;
• diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
• gynecological diseases;
• local pain;
• joint pathology;
• spine diseases;
• wounds, burns;
• allergic diseases associated with skin manifestations.


• general contraindications for physiotherapy;
• unspecified diagnostic;
• fevers of unknown etiology;
• patient-implanted devices with an independent power supply such as pacemakers, etc.

The functional modes

Harmony mode

This mode provides a means to reduce the effects of exposure to man-made electromagnetic radiation and other harmful stress factors on the human body.

It is designed to protect people and pets from the adverse effects of the environment by optimizing responses.

Designed for use either alone or in wellness programs, this mode helps with detoxification, immunotherapy programs and programs to normalize the metabolism and the internal organs, etc.

Mode 2 - Healer
This mode helps heal wound surfaces, reduce inflammation of various origins and relieve pain. It functions by re-informing the body with the correct electromagnetic spectrum.

Mode 3 - Antistress
To be used in case of fatigue, irritability, psycho-emotional agitation, insomnia, depressed mood. This mode helps restore a normal reaction to external stimuli.

Mode 4 – Phoenix (wound healing, anti-inflammatory)
To be used in the treatment of wounds, abrasions, burns, and the treatment of various inflammatory conditions (including joints), to help reduce the swelling and pain, reduce the chance of wound infection and significantly speed up regeneration and recovery of damaged tissues.

Mode 5 – Edelweiss (hypoxic, antioxidant)
Improves microcirculation - blood flow in small vessels of the blood (capillaries) - improves the functioning of the respiratory chain (which includes hemoglobin, enzymes, gas exchange in the lungs, oxygen transport and utilization, ATP synthesis). Also helps improve tissue respiration in the cells.

This improves the oxygen supply of cells, improves the energy supply of the body.
In addition, the mode of "Edelweiss" has an antioxidant effect.

Mode 6 - Youth (trophic)
This mode aims to restore the nutritive processes and normalization of the metabolism, resulting in active cell renewal, improving the sensitivity of the receptor system cells to biologically active substances, hormones, improving the functioning of organs and, consequently, the rejuvenation of the body.

Mode 7 - "Photon (infrared)
This is the only mode in the device that is not a short-wave regime. This uses an infrared emitter in the data (non-thermal) mode.

This type of soft photon therapy can optimize energy cells to optimize the system and activate intracellular regulation of biosynthesis. Also provides the possibility of resonance absorption of energy by the cell, which stimulates activation of the metabolic processes in the cell and increases its efficiency in case of lack of oxygen.


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Triomed Compact

Triomed Compact

Triomed Compact

Portable MMW-IR-therapy device

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