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TST-GEO anti_electrosmog and anti-geosmog device

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If you are sensitive to electro-magnetic, cellphone, wifi or geopathic radiation, the TST-geo will change your life.

There are few known ways to eliminate the harmful effects of terrestrial geopathic radiation. The most common method until now has been to use the mental strentgh of a specialist - but now the TST-geo offers a simpler, more effective means.

If you suffer from geopthic stress, just place the TST-geo under your bed to sleep better. It can also help you prevent illness resulting from exposure to Hartman lines and other radiation lines and it even practically completely neutralizes the effects of electrosmog from cellphones, relay antennae and wifi.

Your body can stand electromagnetic radiation just as long as it relates to appropriate information for your body. The TST-geo create the right connection between information and electrosmog so that your body doesn't suffer the negative side-effects. Other devices on the market seek simply to reduce or eliminate the high frequencies associated with electrosmog in order to reduce damage to your system, but this is not enough. The TST-geo uses the all-natural torsion field to work on how your body perceives electrosmog and geosmog, protecting it directly with information it understands and can accept without danger.

The Tst-geo can be used against all kinds of geopathic phenomena and terrestrial radiation, as well as against the harmful effects of electrosmog sources that create geopathic zones.

How to use the TST-GEO

This device is very simple to use. You switch it on with the switch on the top of the device, and place it in the center of the room or place you wish to protect, under the bed, or close to any equipment such as a wifi box or computer which emits harmful radiation. You can also take it with you in your pocket when you go somewhere particularly prone to artificial waves, such as an airport, computer center, office, etc.

The device's range of action is about 30-40m2 inside, 100m2 outside. The LED on the front of the unit lights up when it is in operation. Expect the batteries to last several months.

  • Product size: 12cmx8cmx2cm
  • Requires 2 LR6 (AA) batteries, supplied


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TST-GEO anti_electrosmog and anti-geosmog device

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